There’s more demons to toast

So some of you are a little younger than me and weren’t around when, say, the first @DOOM came out. Looking at the game now, it’s choppy, outdated, the music feels raw, it’s not very immersive anymore in the face of gameplay experiences we have in the 21st century.

But playing the new @DOOM games … it’s a magical thing to me. See, they made them fucking PERFECT. Every time an old, legendary franchise gets remade, there’s this bitter taste of “Please don’t let them screw it up” in your mouth. And sure enough, they often do.

It’s the franchise, slapped into what game companies think modern gamers will gobble up, with a few copied names and maybe one key gameplay element, that’s it. One of the most notable examples of this, to me, was SYNDICATE. Look up the old gameplay. See what I mean?

But @DOOM with @Mick_Gordon s music feels just the same to me, maybe just a little faster, some new modern mechanics. Back then, we had to fill what the computer couldn’t render with our imagination, we had to make an effort to immerse ourselves, and it felt crazy awesome.

The new @DOOM games feel like it just picks up where I left off at like 14 or 15. They’re a prime example of recreating a franchise lovingly, truthfully, and respectfully. It feels like a circle closing. There’ll be more demons to toast.

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