It happened.

I have become partnered to Twitch.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. I still have a hard time to fully accept this because part of me feels I haven’t deserved this from a “classical” standpoint – high follower or viewer count. I’ve met the right person who monitored me for a while, whom I met in person, who believed in me and who said: “You deserve it”.

I hope I do. I’m gonna attempt to validate this as good as I can and I hope with that, the numbers can follow the meaning of that purple tick.

If you’re a streamer who’s ever done the grind, you will probably understand how rough it is sometimes because you feel you don’t get anywhere. I’m lucky enough to have had a beautiful, very tight community who’s kept believing in me and stuck with me no matter what happened, even through my own bout of depression. What I’m trying to say, though, is that numbers aren’t the only thing on Twitch anymore. It’s who you are, who is there with you, the community you have, the people you know, meet and network with, the games you play and when you play them – and ultimately it’s about making someone in charge believe in you, and that you’ve deserved it. I know a good handful of streamers out there who I would partner right now if I could, because they are amazing, naturally entertaining personalities with a good product. But I can’t, so all I can offer is my support, my viewership, my friendship, shoutouts, that kind of thing. You know who you are.

The first effect of my partnership on me will be that I can approach streaming with a stronger emphasis on good times and strong connection to my community. This isn’t the end, this is just the beginning, and I intend to go big if I can and you guys let me, but this is a milestone I’ve worked towards quite some time and pretty hard, so … together with my ever-present self-doubt, there’s also a strong feeling of accomplishment, thankfulness and the HYPE.

#strongestforce, thank you. You guys did it. You got me partnered. Your support, your love, your cohesion is what made this happen. Without you, I would’ve stopped a long time ago, but your feedback got me going and made me want more. We’ve achieved something here, and I hope you can be proud. I can’t wait to celebrate this on tomorrow’s stream (Sunday) at 8pm CEST. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart and I could go on for thousands of characters to express how much every one of you means to me, and how flabberghasted I still am to see you guys actually enjoy what I do. Your support has been nothing but insane throughout, and I feel very humbled you’d show me this kind of attention, affection, mental and financial support. Thank you. <O <3

Up until then, brush those dress uniforms, get your nice shoes super shiny, practise the snappiest salutes. Because we’re gonna have a party tomorrow.

Again, thank you. Very, very much.

Gen StrikeDM

2 thoughts to “It happened.”

  1. R3v01v3R86

    Well you will always have my full support, its a challenging goal to strive for and you did it, i am proud of you keep doing you man wear that tick with pride 😀

    1. strikedm

      Thank you so much man <3

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