Welcome to the StrikeBlog!

Finally it’s here: Strike.VG has made its initial transition from a simple redirection page to a full-fledged website with more information and fun for avid StrikeForce-Members!

We consider this to be the first part of what we call our “media offensive“. Our aim is to broaden this website’s possibilities, creating a more immersive and entertaining universe around the Strike Force Missions. One by one, we will be adding more functionalities for followers and subs – for instance, we’re planning to let you watch streams right here on strike.vg, if you so desire!

Stay tuned, everyone – we have big plans for strike.vg, which will also host our very own StrikeBot, and we can’t wait to unleash the power of our new barracks onto LARS! The bot will be fully integrated with the website and chat, which will give you full control over your Strike Force membership via Twitch chat and the website! We’re gonna add many features (and hopefully finally have a working, stable bot, lel) so stay tuned for awesome new stuff coming your way!

Yours truly,

The Gen

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