“MUH BALLS”: Outlast 2 Mission Debrief Part 1


I’m very happy to introduce you soldiers to another series of recap videos we’re going to upload to YouTube and Twitch Uploads: Mission Debriefs (MD)!

The idea of these debriefs is to take all highlights and, if possible, narrative cornerstones of story games we’ve played on stream and compile them to nice videos for you. If there’s increased length, we will split them up into episodes.

The first game to be presented like this is Outlast 2, one of the scariest (and most irritating) horror games the #strongestforce has ever deployed to – masterfully edited by TheZombieTux and ScribbleLP to ensure maximum entertainment for you! (Thanks guys <3)

The Outlast 2 MD has been split into two parts – the first part, as an introduction, is public for everyone from the start! The second part will also be directly available to Sub Order Members with Early Access Perks – everyone else will gain access on Wednesday in a week. Early Access Subs: Check Discord for the second part!

We hope you enjoy these little chronicles of Strike Force Shenanigans! Please make sure to leave a like and subscribe to my YouTube! And if you like them, why not share to your friends? 🙂

General out! <O

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