An Expensive Awesome Intro Video…

I got something to ask you guys.

Me and WildViper, who’s a pro videographer from Birmingham famed for his amazing TwitchLondon videos, wanted to create a Four Year Streamiversary / Return to Streaming / New Concept Introduction video in early January after my last deadline on Jan 5. We have a really cool idea for a story, we might have found a few people to help, but it would mean I’d have to travel to Birmingham, UK for a weekend. There, we’d get an AirBNB that ideally also serves as a good location for some of the shots, but isn’t that cheap.

You guys know making these videos is a tradition for me. So far, we’ve shot them on Swiss ground with the help of friends and it always turned out great, even if it was always a rushjob (thanks to my great planning skills, obviously). This year, it all falls together: My return to scheduled streaming, my four year streamiversary, my new brand and concept. We wanted to do something big for it, something funny, something unexpected … but I just don’t have a stable income / financial net just yet.

Remember those awesome donos you gave me when I left for the break? That money’s basically gone, but I used it well: We’re gonna have a full set of new professionally made emotes, the new cam + lens, some new lighting, and I bought a piece of hardware which’ll allow me more control of scene changes and effects which will allow me to introduce a few new fun things. When you guys gave me that money, I told you I’d use it to improve the stream when I’m back, and I’m quite positive I’ve invested well so far. That doesn’t negate the point, though, that it’s gone. We didn’t anticipate this project, and with not getting any jobs and hauling ass for uni the last two months, having a debt to pay and buying Xmas gifts, I’m pretty much broke right now.

So my question, basically, is whether you guys think it would be okay for me to set up a GoFundMe or something similar for the amount of roughly 700 bucks — maybe a little more to also cover the platform fee of 5% they want because I’m from Switzerland. I’m a little scared about it because if we do it, I’ll have to book as soon as possible, which means this Mon or Tue, which also means I’ll have to front the money and I don’t know how much for it I get back. I’m also super fucking scared the end product doesn’t turn out as epic as everyone hopes and I don’t want people to be disappointed, especially if they help out financially.

Another possibility would be to just regularly come back, no huge intro, but run a funding thing and create the video as soon as enough money has fallen together; maybe late Jan, early February or something. That would take away its magic, but at least neatly tie up the Strike Force concept that has accompanied us for all these years.

So … what do you think? Please head over to my Discord (channel #discussiontable) to bring up your thoughts, better ideas, pledges of support, notes of disgust etc. Or you can tweet at me or something. Thank you!

EDIT: For now, please use this Donation Link. We’re currently at 20 / 750$. Thank you!

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