The General’s Leave of Absence

Dear #strongestforce,

As some of you might know, I will be absent to study for exams and take them for two weeks from today. In that time, I’m sorry to report that there will be no actual live streams, the next live stream is on July 2, 8pm CEST. :strikeFeels: :strikeRage: :strikeFail:

HOWEVER I am preparing pre-recorded streams, 1.5h in length. Those will be played as VODcasts – technically just videos, but chat will be enabled like in a live stream – on Wed, Jun 21, Sun, Jun 25 and Wed, Jun 28 at 9pm CEST. You’ll be able to watch them on the regular Twitch channel, and you will be notified via Twitch, Twitter and Facebook as soon as they start! :strikeGasm:

Also, subs will receive a new Highlight Reel coming Monday, while non-subs will gain access to it one week later as per usual. It’s gonna be DOUBLE as long as usual this time! :strikeGasm:

This is my attempt to keep you guys entertained and serve you with “fresh” content while I’m away. I felt bad about “just leaving with nothing” for a while. I hope you understand my reason of absence and my attempt to keep you laughing. I will intermittently drop in on those VODcasts to chat with you guys for a while, so make sure to hop in and serve with your General! :smiley: :strikeLurk:

Moderation will be present.

Thank you!

Gen out! :strikeLove: <O

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